Log in as a SYNC™ Member

Dear  SYNC™ Instructor, 

As a valued member of our licensed SYNC™  Network you can enjoy all your StrongID™ Wear  and SYNC™ discount benefits. 

To get access to your SYNC™ Exclusive products and discounts go to the  login button to our website and then click on "Login with my Zumba Account". 

This button will bring you to your official login page on Zumba.com where you can safely login with your SYNC™ member credentials.

Once you are logged in, the Zumba.com website will bring you back to our Zumbawear Europe webshop.

You will be able to see :

- SYNC™ Exclusive products

- Special discounted SYNC™ prices

- Your profile on our website will now also mention you are now logged in as a SYNC™ member.

As of now, everytime you login on our website, you will automatically be logged in as a SYNC™ member. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.